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Maple Leaf country memory!

Day 1: After arrival in Toronto, we have the opportunity to pick up and arrange for a family hotel. (If time permits, you can enjoy the night view of Toronto) After dinner, we will introduce the itinerary, general attractions and during the Canadian note.
Day 2: After breakfast, visit some scenic spots and churches in Toronto. (If you are interested, we can make an appointment for church wedding ceremony. Many of the city attractions, such as castles, churches, special parks, how much the campus, street, Toronto TV Tower and so on. Return to your home in the evening.
Day 3: Visit to the famous scenic area of ​​Canada, Maskea area, where the beautiful scenery, Bethune former residence, honeymoon Lake, A Gang Kun National Park, G8 summit site, with two or three hundred years of history of the town, colored church, North American variety of scenery can be reflected here. Longhu Villa to stay at night. Dinner BBQ, tasting Canadian red wine or ice wine. The lake view is also a great place for leisure. You can fully enjoy the fun ride!
About five minutes drive from the former residence of Bethune is the famous tourist resort of the Moon Lake, where the beautiful scenery, but also take a cruise during World War I appreciate the Huguangshanse here (the cost of their own expense). Then drive about half an hour to our base in the Maske’s stay, “Long Lake Villa.” “Long Lake Villa” is located in Canada’s famous Masika area, the surrounding lakes and mountains and charming environment, not only a great place for vacation and leisure, is also a good shooting spots. In the evenings we can cook our own barbecue and wine tasting here. The next two days we will live here.
The fourth day: you can get up early to the lake to shoot dawn, a lot of time can also be taken to the advection fog landscape. After breakfast from here to Huntsville (Huntsville) from the town, where the site for the G8 summit will be instrumental, but also a well-known town with two hundred years of history, the beauty of the scenery do not have to mention, passing along some of the North American manor, Golf courses are also very unique.
The four seasons here are different, but each has its own characteristics. Relaxed by driving, relax the mood, into the landscape, enjoy life.
Day 5: After breakfast, go to A Gang Kun National Park (here for the Maple Resort) 9, October is the most beautiful season of the year, Canada is known as the Maple Leaf, seen here Maple Leaf, do not Of the place will not go. A Gangkun the most beautiful season is the autumn of each year, colorful, colorful, whether it is pastoral or scenic spots will you linger. Return to Longhu Villa at night.
Day 6: After breakfast in the morning to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, a tour of the culmination of carving art [Capitol Hill], [Government House] [the Prime Minister]. Then continue to the largest French city in eastern Canada, the most French culture, known as “Little Paris in North America,” said the city of Montreal. Visit the tilt of the Olympic Tower at 45 degrees (Departe cost themselves, about USD22.5 / person). Then, strolling in the old city, that stone-made antique building, fully experience the European style I. The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built in 1829 as a companion to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with its magnificent decoration and collection of works of art to become one of the most noted churches in North America. Evening can go here [Chinatown], after dinner, stay at the local hotel.
Seventh day: to the city full of French feelings – Quebec, English and French road signs and signs can be seen everywhere, the way pedestrians dressed in European style is also very deep, open-air cafe, romantic warm cobblestone walking street, buy art, Louis Square], like to Paris. Star fortress and St. Lawrence River throat bit, condescending, both dangerous, and beautiful calm. And the landmark building – [Fontaine Castle Hotel] photo, the appearance of [Capitol], stay at the local hotel.
Day 8: Today, we must catch up early, before breakfast after 7:00 departure to Kingston, visit one of Canada’s three natural wonders of Qiandao Lake (but here for the seasonal trip). Take a cruise on the St. Lawrence River, a famous holiday villa on the Canadian-Canadian border. After the return to Toronto, after dinner at the hotel.
Day 9: a few days of travel must be more tired, and today you can rest and sleep to wake up naturally, after breakfast we can have two choices, one, to a beautiful scenery of the town, Oakville by Hamilton A small town shooting, where close to the lake, the natural landscape and cultural coexistence, is also a good place to shoot; the second is about 45 minutes drive to a cliff park in Toronto, where a lot of European architecture, but I do not know why Years ago has been abandoned, now put it into a local park, here is particularly suitable for wedding photography. Return to Toronto at night, dinner BBQ, tasting Canadian red wine.
DAY 10: After breakfast, proceed to Niagara Falls, a famous tourist resort. We are going to visit the waterfall town, which is one of the more than ten most beautiful towns in Canada. Here we can totally relax and travel. The mood, in the town on the stroll around the store, enjoy relaxing, here is very unique, but the tour will not be in the past. We can picnic in the town, visit the sun in the grass, we can then picnic, after lunch to visit the world famous Niagara Falls (here I will not have introduced); visit after the waterfall, here or The largest casino in North America, we can take a chance to see if there is the intention of a small test their skills; return journey to go to Ontario famous ice wine estate, and free taste of the world famous ice wine, and listen to the staff on the ice wine production staff process.
Eleventh day: to Toronto “German town”, here for the “Puritan” place of residence, the Puritans so far has maintained an old way of life, indoor electricity, traveling carriage, no cell phone, computer, wearing Uniform clothing, etc., you can feel the last century, the original flavor of the original way of life. In addition, there is a well-known snacks known Canadian “pig hand” (but the cost to take care of themselves ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~); after lunch went to the local even the Canadians may not know a place to “bridge”. I do not know if you know, the last century, the sixties and seventies have a popular novel “Bridges of Madison County” was later shot into the movie of the same name, the story takes place here. Corridor with the town is still quiet, quiet, time seems to be stagnant here, everything here like no change in the year. From here to drive about 15 minutes to go to the main attractions of today, recently was flattened as one of the world’s top ten wedding resorts of Elora, also turned to Eola (Elora) town. The town of ancient and elegant, such as the fairy tale world, the town of about 4500 residents, was founded in 1832, has preserved the way of life, if lucky encounter local residents will personally teach you some hand. This trip will certainly leave a deep memory for you.
Day 12: Morning to the largest shopping center in Toronto, Outlet (Outlet) shopping, the end of the afternoon 12-day trip, send back machine.

Feature list

  • Round trip ticket.
  • Pick-up service
  • Accompanied by the whole journey until the end of the 12-day trip.
  • Including accommodation, the hotel standard room in the family hotels, Cottage.
  • Accompanied by the driver or guide.
  • Meal standard is about 40 / day (Canadian dollars).
  • Purchase a travel insurance valued at $ 200,000 per person.
  • To provide SUV self-driving vehicles.
  • Without any invisible consumption.
  • The scheduled route can be adjusted according to the needs of the guests.
  • Provide a shared WIFI hotspot.
  • Off service.


— Personal expenses: passport fees, visa fees, laundry, telephone charges, personal consumption items, separate drinks, food, pay TV, charging network.

—Fees at their own expense: unplanned tickets, tour tickets or at their own expense.


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